Panel 1
Nov. 28, 17:10-18:20

 Panel TopicRecent Trends in Visual Communications and Image Processing
Time: Wednesday, Nov. 28, 17:10-18:20
Organizer & Moderator: Khaled El-Maleh, Qualcomm

Confirmed Panelists:
  • Madhukar Budagavi, Texas Instruments;
  • Ajay Luthra, Motorola Mobility;
  • Ghassan AlRegib, Georgia Tech;
  • Sujit Dey, UCSD.
Panel 2
Nov 29, 17:10-18:20
Panel Topic: All About HEVC
Time: Thursday, Nov. 29, 17:10-18:20
Organizer(s): Ji-Zheng Xu and Shipeng Li, Microsoft Research Asia
Moderator: Shipeng Li, Microsoft Research Asia

Confirmed Panelists:
  • Gary Sullivan, Microsoft Corporation;
  • Ajay Luthra, Motorola Mobility;
  • Oscar Au, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;
  • Wade Wan, Broadcom Corporation;
  • Marta Karczewicz, Qualcomm Corporation;
  • Minhua Zhou, Texas Instruments.

Topics to be covered:

As the HEVC standard will be finalized earlier next year, we have invited top experts who are working with HEVC standard to share their mind and opinions on HEVC at this panel discussion. We believe this will be timely and important to both academy and industry. Topics to be covered, including, but not limited to, 

  1. Importance: In what area(s) is HEVC important? Why? Are there any alternative solutions?
  2. Readiness: How soon would you think the industry would embrace HEVC? How long would you think it would take HEVC to reach the popularity of today’s H.264? Would your company have support to HEVC in future product(s)?
  3. Transition: What would be the best strategy you think to transit from today’s H.264 dominated world into future’s HEVC world? Is hardware upgrade necessary?
  4. Future: What area would you think are most important for HEVC to extend into in the future? Why?
  5. Challenges: What are the challenges HEVC is facing? What solutions would be to deal with these challenges?
  6. Research: What research directions on HEVC would you suggest to our researchers to work on in the next few years?
  7. Beyond: What would be your prediction for video coding beyond HEVC?